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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking in after Irene

We are all safe here in Eastern NC! (Goldsboro)
We stayed up pretty late Friday until early Saturday morning listening to the winds and watching the rain.

All 4 of us camped out downstairs in front of the tv.
Luckily I slept through most of it but I woke up often to the sounds of wind and things blowing around.
I peeked out the window a couple of times.
It was pretty scary.

Afterwards we drove around and took a few pictures of the uprooted trees.
There were 30 or more uprooted trees.
We heard that the roof to the mall collapsed....later I saw that online

The one below was at the back of our neighborhood where the elementary school is.

There were several little trees down in yards...this is just one I snapped while driving by.

Below is right across the street from our house.

The entrance to the base.

The tree below was HUGE!!!!
There was another huge one down next to it also!

 These are some of the shingles off our roof.
Jonathan's bedroom has a small leak. 

The base is finally off lockdown.
I'm about to get ready and drive around off base.

I hope everyone is safe!


Comeca Jones said...

Im just really glad you guys were safe.Still Im a lil sad for those that didn't make out so well.

lvroftiques said...

I'm so glad you and your family made it safely through that because that's some SCARY darn stuff!! Yikes! That's a lot of trees down. Vanna

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Glad that you and your family are safe and sound! That sure is alot of trees down!

Kimberly said...

Irene was in our neighborhood too! Glad she's gone.

mississippi artist said...

Glad you and your family are safe. My sister in New Bern has no power and lost her front porch and fence. Thank goodness it was not any worse.

Anonymous said...

It is just amazing what damage high winds can cause. Glad you are all ok. love, mimi

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you are safe!