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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Christmas lights

Good thing I uploaded these pictures right when I took them. Later that night while cleaning the kitchen and Reagan was sitting on the stool...playing with the camera. She broke it!!!!!
She pulled off the pieces around the lens and I can't even get it to close or turn off.
This is the third camera we've gone through. (I need to find the warranty paper to get it fixed)

We usually "light" up the whole house for Christmas, but since hubby is in Afghanistan and I'm not climbing on the roof or anything else this is what I came up with.

I really don't like "inflatables" but I put Santa up for Reagan, because she loves him!

I could not find my wreath. :/  

I have two of these trees in urns, but couldn't find the other. 
I did have the cords tucked in but the wind kept blowing the tree over.
I added lighted presents from TJ Maxx and some vintage Santa boots I got while in Houston last summer.

 The vintage sled was an estate sale find by my husband.
I tied a Ballard designs wreath on it because I couldn't find my ice skates. 

Another view of the yard.

We made Christmas cookies a few days ago (they're gone now)
Here is Reagan eating sugar....

Jonathan has a cold, so we don't know if we'll be going to Houston for Christmas. 
If he's well by Sunday we will go. I hope so, I really don't want to spend Christmas here without my husband.

Merry Christmas y'all!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas kitchen

As most of you know we will be spending Christmas in Houston with our family, so I only pulled out a few things from the attic. Just to make it a little festive while we're home.
I shared my gingerbread tree with you already.

I simply added two candy canes, some burlap and ribbon to my rooster to make him a little festive.
Vintage Betty Crocker cookbook.
Tied some ribbons on the canisters. 

This is my favorite rooster in the house. 

I love this cookbook, there are so many great cookies and the pictures are great!
(yard sale find last year)

These wonderfully vintage Santa mugs were an estate sale find (last year) for $6 they were coming home with me.
The Mackenzie Childs tray was a gift from my husband in October.

  I moved the red scale over here for now, draped it with a vintage Christmas towel and topped with one of the Santa mugs.

The figurines were a goodwill find a couple years ago.
Towels are from Cracker Barrel.

 The next picture I decided to play around some.
Grabbed a rolling pin from my bouquet, a vintage pyrex bowl and apron. 

Hopefully next year I'll be able to add to the gingerbread kitchen I'm dreaming of!
I'll be busy packing and cleaning for the next few days before we leave.
 I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread Kitchen Christmas tree

Hey y'all.
Since we're not going to be here for Christmas this year I did minimal decorating. 
Only decorating the kitchen a small bit.
I didn't want to lug the huge artificial tree from the attic, so I just used one of the kid's 3 footers that I usually put in their bedrooms and placed it on the kitchen bar.
Please excuse the sun.

I added red and white checked mesh to certain spots.

Love the mixer ornament! (Target)
Snowflake with cutter ornament from Cracker Barrel.

The gingerbread house is my FAVORITE ornament, I bought two but wish I bought more.
(Cracker Barrel)

Red and white candy striped ones came from Target a few years ago, wish I could find more of these.
I mixed them up with some vintage red ornaments.

My topper.
I cannot make a pretty bow to save my life LOL
I found these candy cane picks from Carolina Pottery, they are awesome!

My tree skirt is a vintage french towel.

Another view.

I have become obsessed with gingerbread over the past few years.
I bought most of them at Cracker Barrel, Target and at Kmart last year on clearance.
I definitely want to hit up CB, they have so many great gingerbread themed items. 

Well I'll share the rest of my minimally decorated kitchen soon.
Have a good night!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An update to my update

I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments and keeping my in your prayers.
I had several people email me taking the time to see how I was doing and I appreciate it so much. I also had a few email me asking if they had missed something confused by my mentioning my oncologist.
In June 09 while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had surgery and found that the cancer had spread to both right and left pelvic lymphnodes. I had 5 rounds of chemotherapy, 40 rounds of external radiation and 5 rounds of internal radiation.
I have been in remission as of March 2010. The results of my latest scan showed no evidence of cancer, no enlarged lymphnodes, no bone issues. Just a collection of fluid where I had some cancer removed in my lymphnodes. I have my right leg and have a problem with my leg draining fluid. My oncologist suggested I go back to physical therapy to get the fluid "moving"

I just wanted to keep y'all posted on what is going on. I've missed blogging and just needed a break.
I'll be back until next weekend when my kid's and I head to Houston to spend Christmas break with our family.

I finished painting the dresser in the entry, but haven't waxed or distressed it yet.

Here is a peak

The Mackenzie Childs candlesticks are a gift from my husband.
(I love them and I love you hubbykins)

I didn't pull out all of our Christmas decorations this year since we won't be here, but I did decorate my kitchen a little. I will share with y'all soon.

Michele <3