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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My first chalk paint project

I finally jumped on the bandwagon.
I started painting my stools the Friday before last and only got one finished.
Not that it took long, I just had other things going on.

This is my first project (and not my last) using ASCP.
I am not a painter by any means and have A LOT to learn.

After I painted I got stuck on the distressing...
To be completely honest I was terrified LOL

Another view from the living room.

At first I liked it, but after looking at it for a week I thought it kind of looked like a newbie job LOL
 I may slap another color on there and try the whole distressing thing again.
Oh yeah and the dark wax?!

I'll probably start on the other one tomorrow.

After two layers of ASCP in Old White I mixed old white with Chateau grey.
I may add a little more chateau grey to the white for a slightly darker color.
I don't know...we'll see!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No sew window treatment...and more

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning while my family was still sleeping, I was downstairs creating and cleaning. I have been staring at this fabric (click here to see fabric) for awhile contemplating what to do with it. When all of a sudden out of the blue I knew it would be my new kitchen valance.

All I did was lay a valance I previously had over the fabric and cut it out.
There was just enough fabric for you what see.
I then hot glued some fringe I got at one of my favorite antique shops.
and there ya go....
I still need to add a liner to the back.

Warning: Picture overload!!!

It was really difficult trying to get good pictures. The sun just wasn't working with me.


I also rearranged my kitchen accessories.
I realized looking at these pictures I don't like what I have on that little shelf by the window. LOL
I may look for another rooster rug maybe one with black in it.

Another view.

I moved my copper molds to this small wall.
Underneath is my rooster chalkboard which I bought from the Etsy shop HERE.
Love it!

My favorite part of the kitchen!!!
I LOVE my butter slab.
I added some olive oils and a live rosemary topiary. (Etsy)

And....another shot.

I think its finally starting to come together.....

But I feel like it still doesn't look right?

(Oops I wanted to add I can't paint my ugly cabinets or change hardware...I live in military housing)

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A fall wreath and a winner!

First, the winner.
I wrote each name on a piece of paper and placed them in a bowl and chose one.
I really wish I could give something to everyone, but cannot.


The winner of my birthday giveaway is.....
 Kristi, The Thrifty Gypsy!!

Congratulations Kristi!

Now onto fall.
I couldn't wait any longer.
I put my wreath up....on Friday!!!
I made it sometime in July....and have been waiting for what seems like forever to hang it out.

 From a distance.

What do you think??
Too much "stuff" or just right ??

I will be pulling on my fall decor in a couple days.
I can't wait!!!!
I LOVE FALL......bring it on!

I made a valance for my kitchen this morning....I'll show you soon!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking in after Irene

We are all safe here in Eastern NC! (Goldsboro)
We stayed up pretty late Friday until early Saturday morning listening to the winds and watching the rain.

All 4 of us camped out downstairs in front of the tv.
Luckily I slept through most of it but I woke up often to the sounds of wind and things blowing around.
I peeked out the window a couple of times.
It was pretty scary.

Afterwards we drove around and took a few pictures of the uprooted trees.
There were 30 or more uprooted trees.
We heard that the roof to the mall collapsed....later I saw that online

The one below was at the back of our neighborhood where the elementary school is.

There were several little trees down in yards...this is just one I snapped while driving by.

Below is right across the street from our house.

The entrance to the base.

The tree below was HUGE!!!!
There was another huge one down next to it also!

 These are some of the shingles off our roof.
Jonathan's bedroom has a small leak. 

The base is finally off lockdown.
I'm about to get ready and drive around off base.

I hope everyone is safe!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharing pictures of my birthday

Hey yall...I just wanted to share a few pictures from my birthday.
I am 29 now!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!

I've had a wonderful day its been pretty awesome!
After I woke up I came downstairs to this:

My husband planned ahead to have the day off so he could pick up my ruffle cake.

I decided months ago I wanted a pretty pink ruffle cake!
I LOVE IT and it was delicious!

My hubby took a quick picture of me before I went out shopping!

I love my presents!!
My hubby bought me the teal straightener (teal for cervical cancer awareness)
He also bought me the Mackenzie Childs colander.

I bought myself two cute gray and the other black.
and those super cute boots!!!

And last the picture I snapped of myself on our way to eat dinner...
I sent it to my friends and told em this is what 29 looks like!! 

Hopefully next year I won't guess what I got for my birthday...hahahaha

I have guessed and been right about em every year. Even my christmas presents..LOL
He says for my 30th I will never know...cause its going to be huge!

I had a super awesome birthday and wanted to share with my "friends"
Have a great night...I'm off to play Halo with my hubby
(oh oops yall didn't know I'm a gamer did ya?)

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My birthday giveaway!!!!

Since today is my birthday I've decided to have a giveaway.
I was going to wait til I hit 100 followers but now is just as good a time as any!
I will share pictures of my birthday later this evening...well...when I take the pictures LOL

Onto the goodies...
I know most of you have been admiring my red check pillows found on my dining room bench.
I bought another one from CottageHomeCouture just to give away!
This one is different though it doesn't have the flanged edges.
It is 18x18.

A vintage red gingham tray. (I turned mine into a chalkboard)

A 1981 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

and last...I found the cute kitchen towel at Target!!!
They were just putting this collection out...and I can't wait to see what else there is.

The back of the pillow cover is red ticking.

You must be a follower to enter!
Please leave a comment letting me know that you're a follower.

This is my first giveaway and I am really excited!!!

I will leave it open until next Monday, August 29th and will announce the winner August 30th!

Good LUCK!

Monday, August 22, 2011

New finds for the dining room

I bought a new rug for the living room last month and Friday decided to switch with the one in the dining room.

Heres the before:


I also added two more plates to each side of my rooster painting.
That alone made big impact to me.

I kept looking at this bench thinking my pillows were too low.
So I took two chair cushions and covered them with a throw blanket just for a little more height.

I finally found the grainsack I've been looking for.
I ordered off ETSY from a wonderful seller who specializes in Antique European grainsacks.

I haven't ironed it. It came right out of the package and onto my table!!

Another view. 

View of the whole area....
I'm still not happy with the details on my little black storage chest..
and now...I'm thinking of moving my "new painting"

If you look above the window I added a few of my berry bowls to see how I like it.
I'm still unsure......
and I'm getting tired of that tree too. LOL

Another shot above window.
I know its uneven...I left space so I could add more bowls if I decide I like it.

I've got Open House tonight...and then onto my friend Melissa's house to help her clean and pack.
They're moving off base next weekend and she's got a broken leg.
I'll share with you the stools I painted and a few more things I found over the weekend.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I've decided to have a look out!

Ya'll have a great day!