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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Confit pot and cheese platter!!!

 I finally bought a confit pot!!!! After having a love affair for years. I purchased it off etsy and it shipped from France in less than 2 weeks all bundled up and waiting for me to unwrap!
I read somewhere you can't have just one and oh how right they were. It was quite pricey so I'll probably wait a awhile to buy another, unless I find one for a really great price.
First I had it beside the stove holding utensils.

Then I placed my butter platter underneath.
(One of the purchases I made while on my blog break lol)


 After staring at the kitchen table like this forever it seems.........(cheese platter another purchase over my break)

I brought the confit pot to the table and I think I like it here for now.
See those spots on the table ? Reagan spilled paint and I tried scrubbing it off. Eventually I will redo the stain on the table and probably paint the base with ASCP Graphite instead of the glossy spray paint we used a few years ago.

I LOVE this shot!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


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