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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Y'all

Happy Halloween!! 
Thank you all for the sweet comments on Jonathan's Birthday party.
Unfortunately there is no trick or treat tonight, it was on Saturday. (lame I know)
So we are watching Halloween movies/cartoons and eating leftover chili.
It is a cold and rainy night.
I took a few pictures of Reagan as a ladybug.

Bet y'all didn't know ladybugs wear hello kitty slippers.
 I forgot to put her wings on for pictures.


Here she is being all sweet.
We were watching Shrek's spooktacular while passing out candy.

 Below is the chest you see when you walk through the door all decked out for Halloween. 

I got this wire cloche from Carolina Pottery while Justin's parents were in town.
(((I also got a new Coach purse)))) <3 it

Here are a few shots of the front porch.
I moved Boney Bill to the rocker.
Look at my poor dying mums....

I didn't get any shots of Jonathan in his costume.
I wanted him to dress up so I could do his makeup again just for pictures LOL 
Its too late now, he had LOTS of homework to do and he's still not finished.
Have a Happy Halloween!
I will be sharing some of my finds from Goodwill soon!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween birthday party!

 Jonathan turned 11 on October 27th. 
We had a Halloween themed party on Friday.
It was a lot of fun. I wish we could have a party every Halloween!
I did a lot of decorating for the party and my boy loved it.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I had a lot of fun doing this for my favorite little man.

I added streamer and warning tape to the doors and windows for a more "spooky" look.

I made the spiders out of balloons and streamer.
Even the giant one on the ceiling.

I grabbed a stick out of our wood pile for the witch's broom.

Plates, napkins, and cupcake tower from Target.
Tablecloth was from Target last year.

I placed some straws some straws in my Dundee marmalade crock.

 Close up of spider. 

Pin the tail on the cat and bob for apples!

Meet Boney Bill, he followed me home from Target.
The boys loved him and were dressed him up LOL
Behind Boney Bill on the sofa table I set up a guess how many candy corn game.

 Yummy cupcakes! 

I made peanut butter kiss cookies and instead of rolling them in white sugar, I rolled half of the cookies on orange sugar and the rest in black sugar.
They were delicious!!!

Here are a few of the boys standing around.
I wish I remembered to take pictures during the party but I was too busy.
I didn't even get pictures of the boy's costumes.
I LOVED the boy with the beards costume, he had a cardboard sign that said "will work for candy."
Homemade costumes are the best ever!!!

 Here are the boys carving their pumpkins.
One boy just destroyed his pumpkin....and then helped another destroy his.
The two on the end near Reagan took their time and made really great pumpkins.
Jonathan (middle) started his last and didn't get to finish his.

Another view of the decorations. 
I added more lights and 33 balloons. 11 of each color.
Plus more balloons on the floor.

I'm so glad my son had a great birthday.
He scored some great presents.
We got him an Ipod touch.
He said it was the best present ever!
That made our day. (I recorded him opening it for Justin to see)

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy.
I love you so much!


Reagan's birthday pictures

Reagan turned 3 on October 18th.
She LOVED it, about every 5 minutes she would yell "Happy Birthday"
(Please excuse the grass in the next pictures, my "landscaper" is deployed) LOL
and the local guy who cuts grass was on vacation.

She went around in circles on these bricks.

Playing with the neighbor's cat.

I LOVE the little heart on her back!!

Minnie ears - Disney store.
Minnie shirt - etsy.
Tutu - etsy, from her first birthday.

Happy Birthday my beautiful pumpkin.
Mommy loves you!

I will share pictures of the Halloween party tonight.
Also things will be getting back to normal around here in a couple days.
I will be back to blogging and visiting all of you.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small touches of fall in kitchen

Hi all it seems like forever since my last post.
My husband's family was visiting for Reagan's birthday which was the 18th.
Since they have left I have been getting the house ready for Jonathan's halloween birthday party.
It will be on Friday.
I took these pictures a few days before Justin's parents came to visit, I have added more since they were taken.

A peek into the dining room.
I moved the rooster picture found at TJ Maxx over the stove.
Still loving my stools!

I tied a sparkly halloween ribbon and burlap around my roo, then stuffed some fall leaves and berries.

More ribbon around my chalkboard rooster with a couple yard sale pumpkins.

I added two garlands around my pot rack.

I bought this wooden bowl from an estate sale many months ago.
Placed a candle in it with mini pumpkins for a cute centerpiece.
The runner is from TJ Maxx.

Little pumpkin on windowsill was a TJ Maxx find also.
I love the plant on the window sill I have had it for 4 years!
The only plant I haven't killed.

Adorable felt calendar bought at TJ Maxx last year.
My favorite!!!
Reagan "changes" it every morning.
I shared my apron with y'all a few weeks ago. (etsy)

Several more shots of the kitchen because I was just having fun!
I am in LOVE with my table in the hallway.

Around the wall in the hall right outside the kitchen I have some of my son's artwork hanging
with twine and clothespins. Its been up there since we moved here and I don't have the heart to take it down. Soon Reagan's art will be up there!

A view coming from the bathroom.

Another peek into the dining room.
I moved that artificial tree too...finally LOL

You're not going to believe this but my camera is on the fritz AGAIN! Luckily it didn't poop out until after Reagan's birthday. It just keeps saying "memory card error"
I'm going to buy a new memory card on Thursday and hopefully that will fix it.
I'll share Reagan's birthday pictures with y'all soon and then I'll be away for a bit until after the halloween party.

I want to thank all of my followers and everyone taking the time to visit me.
I appreciate each one of you.

Joining the following:

Photobucket Autumn Arrives Party

Friday, October 14, 2011

New lamps and more..

I've been a bad bad blogger!
I bought these lamps atleast 2 months ago and haven't shared them.
I have been searching everywhere for some harlequin style lamps.
Came across these babies and had to have!
It was almost like love at first sight.

They are so stinkin cute!!

See the sofa table they're sitting on...
well you can't really see it but I bought it at an estate sale a few months ago...
I will share it after I paint it (as soon as I decide which color)

The pillow I ordered from Ballard MAY!!!
That is right May people....
The crimson twill cover was supposed to be on back order until June.
Email after email the date kept getting pushed further back.
FINALLY received it and I'm happy to say it arrived no more than 2 days after it shipped.

I am still waiting on the insert, so I just stuffed one I had on hand in it.
I placed an order with Ballard again today, hopefully it won't take as long for the other items I ordered.

Last this little rooster was an ebay find.
He was only $9.
He is in great vintage condition.

I added a teeny bit of fall decor to my kitchen.
I will share it with y'all in a few days.
We've got company coming in tomorrow through Reagan's birthday!!

 Y'all have a wonderful weekend!