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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Hunting!!!

I've got some free time before Reagan gets up from her nap.
That she isn't even taking.
She refuses to take naps these days.
Shes been up in her room for an hour.
Calling for Daddy.
Guess what.......she also called for ME!!!!
She never says Mommy. (well not never but maybe likes once every 3 weeks)
Its not often, not as much as I have to hear her say Daddy. Like 6 million times a day!!
(I am so NOT exaggerating) hehehe
O yeah...back to the topic. haha
We went to Clayton Fear Farm this weekend.
Don't fear we didn't scare the kiddos.
During the day its a place for the kids to have fun, at nights its scary.
We had a lot of fun family time.

My family walking through the corn maze.

 sitting with her daddy on the hayride

walking through the spooky 3d place

Daddy buried her in the corn

Kisses in the hay (I got some too)


I forgot to take a picture of our pumpkins.
But if you look at our pumpkin party you can see all 4 on the table.
I love fall!

Heres a sneak peak at what hubby and I have been working on :

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