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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My mini me had a birthday!

My Reagan's birthday was on
October 18
She turned two!!
I decided not to go overboard this year (haha)
We took her to Chuck E. Cheese and she had a blast!
The minute we pulled up she screamed yay!

Afterwards we came home had Reagan's favorite spaghetti for dinner.
Sang Happy Birthday.
Ate cake.
Opened Presents!!!!

I made her cupcakes

Reagan loves balloons...she calls them bubbles.

Diggin in to her cake (ignore the spaghetti on her arm) LOL

Playing with the teaset grandma and Papa got her.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby princess.
I love you sooo much and am so greatful that you are in my life.
You are amazing. I could stare at you everyday all day long!
You are my baby pumpkin, my Stinkerbell, Princess among other things. You are hilarious and always making me laugh.
The house would be quiet without you!
You are my girl.
My sweet sweet beautiful girl.
I love you to the moon and back!


Richardsbetterhalf said...

Reagan is so you mini me. The guys look great too. The tea set is so cute.

Comeca Jones said...

They came out so nice.Love the pink!