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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 years....

Today we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
We are home now and had a delicious dinner with the kids.
Bacon wrapped steaks with mashed potatoes and squash. (from our garden)
I also made a chocolate cake for dessert.
I had a long post written before we went on vacation but I decided to make it short.

We had a small evening ceremony on a Friday and had the reception on a Saturday.
Here are a few pictures from our special day.

Below is me kissing my son after being away from him for the night.

Kissing for photo op.

Happy Anniversary hunny.
We have been through so much in just a few short years.
I am thankful to have you in my life.
You are a great daddy and husband.
Although we have had many disagreements, we fall back together.
I love you.
Always and forever!


Town and Country Gals said...

What a sweet post! You were a beautiful bride and your husband is quite handsome. Hope you had a fun trip. Aaron was here for the week of the 4th, we had a blast, so glad I got to see him, that was the only leave he will get before he goes in Aug. He may make a quick trip home for a weekend, hope so. He's working days right now. I asked him if he knew anyone named Smith and he said he didn't think so. His name is Aaron Gunter and I have some pics of him on my post date 1-19 11, or right around there, title, home at last, when he came home from England, maybe your husband would recognize him. It would be cool if they knew each other or at least met before they go!

Sarah said...

Michelle, I'm enjoying visiting your blog tonight. Happy belated anniversary. You two make a handsome couple. I wish you much happiness.