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Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry Pickin

We had a great weekend.
We got a lot of stuff done and even had some fun family time.
Hubby was off basically all week, except he had to go in Friday to test for Staff Sgt.
(We should find out in a few months if he made it *cross fingers*)
We went to a could estate sales and I'll show off my finds in a couple days.

There is a little PYO strawberry farm not too far from here.
We try to go every year.
This was Reagan's first time...well first time since she was born.
She was in my belly one visit. :)
She loved it!

(Picture over load...for family reading blog)

Reagan and her Jonny. (thats what she calls him)

She was so excited holding the bucket!

Nothing like tasting a warm strawberry right off the vine.
(after washing of course LOL)

Jonathan was having fun going over all the rows.

Yeah thats me....and my son.
He is 10.  jeez!
He is sooo very close to being taller than me.
FYI I'm 5'3.

I keep telling him to stop growing.
Kids....they just don't listen, do they?

Hubby didn't make it into any photos, he was the camera man.
He has a 4 day this weekend so we're hoping to get some jelly made.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Find a Pick your own farm near you!!!



Richardsbetterhalf said...

Cute pictures. They are growing too fast....

Anonymous said...

OMG!! JONATHAN stop growing child, hes HUGE!!! My little reyrey looks so stinkin' cute! Miss you guys!! (melissa) :)

All That Glitters said...

Your kids are so adorable!!!

Kim said...

Such cutie pies and adorable pix. Ya know Michele, I have a "miracle" baby too. Some time we'll have to share our stories.